Pistol Masters
NRA Certified Instruction in the Safe Storage, Handling and Use of Handguns, and
Period-Contract Protective Services.
Pistol Masters
Pistol Masters is the Colorado Front Range's premier group of NRA certified instructors in the safe storage, handling and use of revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.  Even though the subject is serious, we are first and foremost educators of a specific skill-set and knowledge area and strive to make the classes fun and enjoyable, with maximum hands-on practice.  We won't yell at you!  "This ain't boot camp."    

We can tailor a program to fit your group size, schedule, and particular requirements.  We take pride in our ability to meet the requirements of those who may need discreet and/or private instruction.  We can teach the classroom portions of our courses in your home or office or place of business.  The range session can be conducted at a discreet, out-of-the-public-view range location if required. 

Our past students and clients range from Corporate CEOs and Presidents to "everyday Moms and Dads" to wheelchair-bound individuals to seniors.  We specialize in teaching youth (ages 12 and older), ladies, seniors and the disabled, as well as teaching personal protection in the home, place of business, or other building or structure.  

Our courses will help you to:
  • personally learn how to properly and safely store, handle, and use handguns
  • ensure that your family members know how to safely handle and use handguns
  • acquire your permit to carry a concealed handgun (our courses meet the training requirements to apply for your Concealed Carry Permit) 

We also perform duties as Protective Services consultants and operatives on a case-by-case basis.

If you call us at 720.985.3445, our Chief Instructor R.D. (Rich) VanOrsdale will be more than happy to talk with you about your handgun training or protective services requirements.  Even if you just want advice on the type, make, model and caliber of handgun you may be considering to purchase, give him a call. 

You can also directly e-mail him your questions at:  rdvanorsdale@pistol-masters.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

We recommend starting with a .22LR handgun due to the low noise, easy recoil, excellent accuracy, and low cost.  If you do not already own a .22, we can provide one, and ammunition, for your use during the range session. 

The targets used for the range session are plain white 9-inch paper plates placed at a distance of 15 feet. 

It is not a problem if you already own a handgun and ammunition that you want to use for the range portion of the training.  We only ask that one of our instructors be allowed to inspect both handgun and ammunition to ensure that they are safe for use on the range.  (Unfortunately, we do not allow Wolf or steel case ammunition to be used on the range.)

We recommend that, if you do not already own a handgun, you use one of ours for the course so you can learn what type, make, and model suits you best.  We have a large selection of handguns available from which you can choose.

You can go to the following website for more information on concealed carry:
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